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Pourform-HDO concrete-forming panels are ideal for high-rise and other large-scale projects and wherever a high quality finish is required. Specially engineered for demanding gang-form and system applications, Pourform-HDO panels provide exceptional strength and reusability. When the job demands premium performance, Pourform-HDO delivers. Anything less costs you more..

Pourform HDO is available with four overlay combinations to suit your exact needs and with only minor variations in cost. The nomenclature on the four combinations represents the layers of paper overlay on the panel faces and backs (face/back). All panel faces have an MDO underlay with either one or two HDO Cap sheets.

Constructed and Edge-sealed for Extra Strength

Pourform-HDO should give from 15-25 or even more reuses. This will vary according to overlay combination, application (vertical vs horizontal), service conditions, form maintenance and handling, and form release quality. (N.B. see Form-Release Agent on POURFORM - HDO sheet)
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