MDO – Concrete Forming

Our MDO panels are manufactured from Douglas fir logs that have been carefully selected for their tight grain in order to ensure each panel is exceptionally strong, rigid and dimensionally stable. The overlay is bonded to the panel face under high heat and pressure to create a hard, durable surface that resists abrasion and moisture, as well as making the panel easy to strip from concrete surfaces. This overlay also protects the wood substrate from the rigors of site construction, including exposure to water and alkali solutions.

Pourform 107

Engineered for exceptional strength and reusability, our Pourform 107 concrete-forming panels have earned a 40-year reputation as the world’s most dependable and popular high-quality MDO panels.

10-15 reuses.

Pourform 107 Plus

With all the reliability of our original Pourform 107, Pourform 107 Plus panels have double the reusability.

20-25 reuses.


Manufactured with an innovative overlay that is infused with our next generation melamine resin system, Pourform Evergreen panels provide increased chemical resistance, as well as superior panel protection and durability.

15-25 reuses.

EverGreen Plus

Enhanced reusability with 25-30 reuses.

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