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Savona Specialty Plywood is the largest and most technologically advanced producer of overlaid MDO and HDO concrete forming panels in North America.

We have specialized in producing, developing and improving overlaid concrete forming plywood since 1968 when Pourform-107 was introduced to the industry. Pourform -107 was the original “High Flow” MDO and has earned its worldwide reputation as the highest quality and best performing panel in the industry.

With quality fir veneer produced by our own Lillooet Veneer plant we are committed to producing panel products that meet our customers’ expectations for quality and on time delivery.

We are very committed to stay abreast of technological changes in all aspects of our industry and our dedicated and knowledgeable product development team works closely with our customers to develop products that meet their changing needs.


Our products are manufactured as one step or two step and one or two working faces based on customer requirements. Panel sizes are 4 x 8 through 4 x 10 and with our veneer scarfing technology we have the ability to economically produce any length in between.

Savona Specialty Plywood offers a diverse range of products including MDO and HDO Concrete Forming, MDO and HDO for Sign Making, Industrial Applications and the transportation industry as well as slip resistant products.


Certification & Public Involvement

How Can We Help?

Give us a call, we will work with you to design a custom panel to meet your specific requirements.